Ultimate Photos, Videos, Music, Props 


  • Ultimate Dance Tour is thrilled to offer its dancers FREE professional photos/videos for all routines. 
  • Photos and Videos will be available the same day performed through the Dakiki App.
  • All video recording and photography of any kind is prohibited! Failure to comply, could result in the disqualification of the routine. Ultimate Dance Tour reserves the right to remove the media being used or those using it from the event.


  • Studios are required to upload all music online after completing registration. Music must be uploaded 2 weeks prior to the scheduled competition. We ask that you bring a back up option (CD, IPod or IPad). If you bring backup CDs, each CD must only contain one song that is labeled with studio name, routine name and number.


  • No Liquid, paint gel, aerosol (including hair spray), glitter, fog, smoke, powder, paint powder, ashes or similar substances that would affect the dancing surface is allowed unless specifically approved by Ultimate Dance Tour. If this occurs without approval, the routine may be scored lower by judges.  No gas powered props
  • Props are allowed as long as they are free standing. Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theater fly system may not be used. If props are used, they must be prepared, set up and removed quickly.  
  • Helium Balloons and confetti cannons are not permitted unless permission is given from Ultimate Dance Tour. 
  • For safety purposes, all props have a maximum of 12 feet tall. Dancers may only stand on props NO HIGHER than 5'10"tall.
  • No Human props.  A human prop is a person acting as a prop and one that can be seen clearly by the audience, but does not dance with the group. Human props may pay as a participant and will be averaged into the age level of the group. 
  • Props may not be plugged in.  Plugging in props could cause a fuse to be blown delaying the competition.