Ultimate  Dance Categories  


CONTEMPORARY: Combination of lyrical, modern and jazz styles with a focus on technical elements, unexpected movements and expressions.

LYRICAL: Performance that demonstrates balance, extension, fluidity and control, while showing strong emotions.

JAZZ: Routine consisting of primarily jazz technique. 

MUSICAL THEATER: Performance featuring any style of dance from a Broadway show, movie or television show. 

HIP HOP: Routine consisting of street style or hip hop technique. 


TAP: Performance featuring syncopated rhythms while using tap shoes.  

CLOGGING: Routine consisting of traditional or contemporary clogging technique. 


LITURGICAL: Routine that includes music and movement as a form of worship. 


BALLET: Ballet technique that includes formal classical movements. 

POINTE: Classical ballet technique with the use of pointe shoes.  


MODERN: A free, expressive style of dance using true modern dance techniques.


CHARACTER: Routine that portrays a recognizable character throughout.  


OPEN: Any category or combination of categories listed.

ACRO: Routine consisting of controlled acrobatic tricks.

**No limit to number of acro tricks as long as the majority of the routine is made up of dance technique.